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Mar 24th, 2018, 03:06am

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xx Chinese punks Demerit - Bastards of the Nation cd
« Thread started on: Aug 19th, 2008, 07:26am »

in this olympic month tenzenmen launches it's monthly series of releases from the chinese underground, starting with street punks Demerit's ground breaking Bastards of the Nation cd

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Formed in Qingdao in 2004, and having moved to Beijing the following year to be closer to the center of the Chinese music scene, Demerit is widely recognized as the best street punk band in China. They play blazing sets with a ferocious energy that masks the craftsmanship of their music until, during their increasingly popular acoustic shows, it becomes obvious that these guys also write great songs. Unlike a lot of punks, their musical tastes are also fairly wide-ranging, with band members regular attendees, for example, at concerts by Mafeisan, the anarchic wild men of Beijing noise. Their debut “Never say die” was released in mid 2006.

Originally a quartet (vocals, guitar, bass and percussion), the band recently added a second guitar to fill out their sound and to allow more guitar experimentation. The result is a very rich, open sound that, while remaining firmly within the fast-paced tradition of angry street punk, is capable of beautiful chords and haunting melodies. Not just musicians, Demerit takes the rebellious spirit of punk very seriously, and they have cooperated widely with foreign bands touring China as well as with young new Chinese bands just starting out. They have also planted the flag of Chinese punk throughout the country during their wide-ranging tours.

For many of the younger punks they are seen as leaders and guides, but they are clearly at their best when they are on stage, ripping through their songs while front man Liyang snarls out his lyrics. In September of 2007 Public Enemy’s bassist and producer Brian Hardgroove, one of their most hard-core fans, came to China to record their new CD, returning again in January to finish the recording and to mix and master the final result. Now with a high quality recording to their name they are prepared to take on not just all of China but also the world.

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